IS-28M2 GR

Language SB Description Revision Date Applicability
SB-IS-28M2-GR-CO-01 Replacement of the special screw 28M2.M02.402.20 for propeller pitch control. 1187 11.11.1998 ALL
SB-IS-28M2-GR-CO-02 Replacement of fuel system hoses, in view of using the unleaded gasolines as per EN228. 1186 17.02.2000 ALL
SB-IS-28M2-GR-CO-04 Checking the clearance between the elevator control cable and the fuel pipe connecting the fuel tank to the fuel strainer. 1242 16.02.1999 ALL
SB-IS-28M2-GR-EO-07 Engine aditional periodical inspection. 912-028 01.09.2001 ALL

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Concursul National de Zbor Distanta cu Planorul 2019

În perioada 16.08-31.08.2019, în cadrul Aeroclubului Teritorial Craiova, se va desfășura concursul national de zbor distanță cu planorul.

16 August 2019