Language SB Description Revision Date Applicability
EO-02 Additional ballast using in dual control. 600 16.05.1978 ALL
EO-03 Ensuring the Canadian airworthiness requirements. 618 20.07.1978 ALL
EO-06 Fixing the front seat back rod. 662 04.01.1979 ALL
EO-07 Additional information concerning the wing look. 657 04.01.1979 ALL
EO-09 Amd of AFMM concerning the use of accelerometer in aerobatic flight. OSTIV 01.10.1980 ALL
EO-10 Safe life increase to 8000 flight hours. 001 15.12.1980 ALL
EO-12 Additional instruction concerning the flying controls check 822 24.11.1982 ALL
EO-13 Safe life and service life increase 001 05.02.1985 ALL
EO-14 Replacement of aileron control lever 830 20.08.1985 ALL
CO-18 The Reinforcement of the landing gear attachment area. 850 27.07.1989 ALL
EO-25 Check of air break control handeles. 491 16.02.1999 ALL
EO-26 Glider IS-28B2 Limitations 316 01.03.2004 ALL
AR-01 Inspection of the rear fuselage of IS-28B2 gliders to detect any defects 003 09.02.2018 ALL
AR-02 Rear fuselage stringer crack repair process  01 24.02.2017 ALL
AR-03 TBO increase  to 1400 flight hours & 8400 landings 02 25.10.2017 ALL
SIL-AR-01 Quick joint Connectors (L'Hotellier Ball and Swivel) installed on IS Sailplanes 01 06.11.2018 ALL

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Concursul National de Zbor Distanta cu Planorul 2019

În perioada 16.08-31.08.2019, în cadrul Aeroclubului Teritorial Craiova, se va desfășura concursul national de zbor distanță cu planorul.

16 August 2019