Language SB Description Revision Date Applicability
SB-IS-30-EO-01  Aditional information concerning the flying controls check. 222 31.01.1983 Mandatory - ALL
SB-IS-30-EO-02 Increase of maximum admitted take-off mass. IS-30 01.07.1986 Mandatory - ALL
SB-IS-30-CR-03 Reinforcement of undercarriage shock - absorber attachment. IS-30 19.08.1986 Recommended - UPON REQ.
SB-IS-30-AR-04 Cancellation of the life time in years; Increasing of Time Between Overhauls. 01 18.08.2020 ALL
SIL-AR-05 Wings installation inspection 01 01.11.2021 ALL

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BOBAS 2024

Sâmbăta 15 iunie, Aeroclubul României va participa la BOBAS 2024 la Baza Aeriană Boboc. 
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15 Iunie 2024