IS-28M2 80HP

Language SB Description Revision Date Applicability
SB-IS-28M2-80HP-EO-01 Propeller Overhaul. IS28M2 11.02.1985 ALL
SB-IS-28M2-80HP-EO-02 Increase of Safe and Service Life and increase of Safe Life between overhauls to the IS-28M2 engine, from 650 to 850 operating hours. IS28M2 11.02.1985 ALL
SB-IS-28M2-80HP-CO-03 Decrease of driving effort for flap and ensuring a confortable indexing. IS28M2 15.06.1992 ALL
BS-IS-28M2-AR-01 Modification of the technical resources of the IS-28M2 motor gliders – all variants and uniformity of the maintenance program. 02 23.01.2018 ALL
SIL-AR-04-IS28M2 Scrisoare service de informare - Control al sistemului de escamotare al trenului de aterizare. // Service information letter - Landing gear retraction and position warning systems check. 02 15.04.2021 ALL
SBS-AR-05-IS-28M2 Revizuire Manual de Zbor și Întreținere motoplanor IS-28M2/80 CP, Ediția 1. // Information update for the Aircraft Flight and Maintenance Manual IS-28M2/80HP, Issue 1 01 16.08.2023 ALL

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