Language SB Description Revision Date Applicability
EO-02 Additional ballast using in dual control. 600 16.05.1978 ALL
EO-03 Ensuring the Canadian airworthiness requirements. 618 20.07.1978 ALL
EO-06 Fixing the front seat back rod. 662 04.01.1979 ALL
EO-07 Additional information concerning the wing look. 657 04.01.1979 ALL
EO-09 Amd of AFMM concerning the use of accelerometer in aerobatic flight. OSTIV 01.10.1980 ALL
EO-10 Safe life increase to 8000 flight hours. 001 15.12.1980 ALL
EO-12 Additional instruction concerning the flying controls check 822 24.11.1982 ALL
EO-13 Safe life and service life increase 001 05.02.1985 ALL
EO-14 Replacement of aileron control lever 830 20.08.1985 ALL
CO-18 The Reinforcement of the landing gear attachment area. 850 27.07.1989 ALL
EO-25 Check of air break control handeles. 491 16.02.1999 ALL
EO-26 Glider IS-28B2 Limitations 316 01.03.2004 ALL
AR-01 Inspection of the rear fuselage of IS-28B2 gliders to detect any defects 003 09.02.2018 ALL
AR-02 Rear fuselage stringer crack repair process  01 24.02.2017 ALL
AR-03 TBO increase  to 1400 flight hours & 8400 landings 02 25.10.2017 ALL
SIL-AR-01 Quick joint Connectors (L'Hotellier Ball and Swivel) installed on IS Sailplanes 01 06.11.2018 ALL
EASA STC 10054289 Replacement of the lifetime limitation of 35 calendar years by periodical inspection. 01 01.08.2015 ALL
SIL-AR-05 Wings installation inspection 01 01.11.2021 ALL

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