Recognition of parachuting license issued by foreign authorities


The recognition of parachuting license issued by foreign authorities is performed by Aeronautical Personnel and Equipment Certification Office (Romanian acronym SCPTA), in the name and for the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority (CAA).

According RACR-LPAN-P 2020, 2430 and 2435 the recognition of the foreign license consists in the checking of the original documents of the applicant and the issue of a Minute of confirmation.

Next steps have to be followed:
The applicant has to send a signed request for recognition, containing the name, contact information (phone, e-mail), type of parachuting /skydiving license, type of medical certificate, accompanied by next documents in copy:
- skydiving license
- medical certificate, class 1 or 2 according ICAO or equivalent
- personal ID card/passport
The application has to contain the place and date/time for the requested checking procedure.
The application must be submitted at least 5 working days before the date of the checking procedure.

The applicant may request the recognition procedure directly with the above original documents in Bucharest, B-dul Lascar Catargiu, no.54, SCPTA, Mo -Th 10:00-15:00, Fri 9:00-12:00. In this case the next steps are completed immediately.

A designates parachuting instructor by the SCPTA will check if the submitted documents are according to the originals of the applicant.
A Minute (2 copies, one for the applicant and the second for registration in the Aeronautical Personnel and Equipment Certification Office) is filled and signed.

The applicant must keep the originally signed Minute, which certifies the recognition of the license together with the license and to present them at request to any Romanian Authority (CAA inspectors, Police), DZ coordinator or aerodrome administrator.
The validity of the recognition is maximum the validity of both license and medical certificate.

The recognition is free of costs procedure.